Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dadswoodentoys, Leearthaus, Carapace, Kgrantdesigns, and Calabasascandyco!

5 packages arrived today!

Check out the sneak peak video!

Dadswoodentoys makes toys that are natural and nontoxic. No chemicals, paints, or dyes even touch these toys! He makes all kinds: animals, people, teethers, blocks, and swords! Check out his wooden Iphone! It made it to the front page of etsy!
At Leearthaus, you can find seriously adorable art prints of owls. They also sell pins, magnets, and pocket mirrors! So scoot on over there for some hootin' cuteness!

Carapace also sells art prints, and my personal favorite is Octomaid! (pictured below) She sells bookmarks and small sculptures, too. Check it out, I am sure you will find something you like!
Kgrantdesigns makes the best cat toys I have ever seen! When I opened the package, my cat got so excited because he got a whiff of the cat nip. I'm going to have to keep this package under lock & key so he doesn't start playing with all of the samples... pictured below are some of her mewberries!

Try not to salivate too much when you visit this next shop... calabasascandyco makes & sells caramel, marshmallows, and truffles. Then she has chocolate covered marshmallows and caramel covered marshmallows. Look for yourself:

I have added Dadswoodentoys, Leearthaus, Carapace, Kgrantdesigns, and Calabasascandyco to the contributor list, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a video that will be posted on January 15th. It will show a sneak peak of all the samples!

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  1. Ooh, how exciting! So many super cool participants! I can't wait to see the sample boxes!