Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chase Dreams, Raffinata Designs, and ShiShiBrand

It's a new record! I received 3 packages today, all full of AWESOME samples!

Check out the sneak peak video!

Chase Dreams Agent: A new development straight from the lab- Have you ever found yourself coloring when all of a sudden you fear you might be made? Simply hold these crayons under your nose and you will automatically blend into your surroundings.

Raffinata Designs makes the best scrubbies around! They are perfect for the bathroom or the kitchen, and they are hand-knit, thick, durable, and 100% cotton, so what more could you want?

is an Only the Best of Etsy regular! She has been in a showcase, done a giveaway, and now she is contributing to the OTBOE Sampler Box! In her shop you will find beautiful handmade hair accessories composed primarily of silk, feathers, and assorted trims.

I have added Chase Dreams, Raffinata Designs, and ShiShiBrand to the contributor list, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a video that will be posted on January 15th. It will show a sneak peak of all the samples!

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