Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sampler Box

Hi everyone! I've gotten some positive responses to my sampler box idea, and I decided I am going to go for it. I have been contacting etsy shops and I almost have enough people donating samples. I need 5 more people! And in the poll in the sidebar, 5 of you voted that you would like to donate samples. So now is your time!

How it works:
You send in your samples to me (10 sample minimum), and they are grouped with other independent shop owners and sent to customers who will love your fresh, new, handmade creations.

The more samples you send in, the more advertising you will receive!
Those of you who send in 20 or more samples will receive a free box of their own!

Samples will be photographed and blogged about on the Only the Best of Etsy blog and sent to popular bloggers.

Of course, the best advertising is by word of mouth- and you can be sure the customers who receive a sampler box will be delighted to talk about what was in their box that month!

Samples are due on January 15th.

Please e-mail me at: onlythebestofetsy[at]yahoo[dot]com for more details about being a contributor!

The boxes will be sold at for $15 each and free shipping.
Each box will have 10 samples.
To find out when the sampler boxes go on sale, sign up for our mailing list.
Sign up by using the form in the sidebar, or click this link.
Once I start receiving samples, I will be posting sneak peak videos of the samples so you can see what kind of samples you can get in your box and I will also be making a contributor page with links to all the contributor's shops.

Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas!


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